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Achieving Tax-Freedom through the Non-Dom Status

Relocate Abroad and live in complete Tax-Freedom

Live abroad safely, legally and tax-free with the help of a Non-Dom Programme! The non-dom tax status offers great flexibility and amazing advantages for the everyday entrepreneur.

Every year tens of thousands of people leave their home countries for tax reasons. Some are driven away by the ongoing European policies of solving economic issues by increasing the income taxes for the wealthy even further. Others are simply trying to hang on to the last shred of their right to privacy, as the level of financial control and insight by the authorities becomes more and more far-reaching. Fortunately, the legal possibilities of tax-optimisation have never been so versatile. In Dubai, entrepreneurs can enjoy complete Tax-Freedom, and Cyprus offers a great programme for so-called ‘non-domiciled’ residents.

Protecting your Privacy by Relocating

The new information exchange agreements, especially the OECD CRS – the OECD Common Reporting Standard – and EU-FATCA – the automatic information exchange agreement of the EU – are further evidence of the erosion of our right to privacy. Today, banking secrecy has become no more than a distant memory!

Entrepreneurs who do not wish to subject their business activities to ongoing questioning and review, need to consider relocating to more liberal countries in order to protect their assets. On this site, we will cover everything from non-dom tax to the remittance basis charge, to make sure you can make an informed decision and find the perfect solution for you!

By relocating abroad, you can minimise your taxes and put the OECD CRS and the EU-FATCA completely out of your mind. Set your sights beyond Europe and you can experience true freedom!

Relocating Abroad: Finding the Right Path

Relocating abroad can be an excellent adventure. But it is important to follow all the official procedures and understand which laws and tax regulations might be important for your move. Some tax treatments like non-domicile tax and the remittance basis can seem highly complicated to the average person. The same goes for special legal statuses like non-domicile residence. In order to find your way through the complicated network of legal jargon, it is important to have experienced professionals by your side.

That said, it has definitely become easier to relocate abroad for tax purposes. This might be one of the reasons that we no longer hear about celebrities being accused of tax evasion.

Nonetheless, it is imperative that you plan your move abroad carefully and with the support of experienced accountants, lawyers and consultants that can continue to offer advice once you reach your destination. With over 3 decades of experience, we are there for you with first class service, every step of the way!

When planning your relocation abroad, there are 3 important things to keep in mind:

  • Are you married, and do you have underage children? If so, your family needs to move with you.
  • Do you still own real estate “back home”? If so, your property needs to be completely rented out to a third party or sold.
  • Do you intend to spend any significant amounts of time “back home” after you relocate? If so, the 183-Day-Rule might stand in your way of making your relocation work from a tax perspective.

Providing Tax Solutions for Digital Nomads

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the term “Digital Nomad“, here a short clarification: a Digital Nomad is normally an entrepreneur who works predominantly via digital technologies and is therefore not bound to a specific location in order to do his job. The term, and the lifestyle associated with it, have become increasingly popular in recent years, so the internet is absolutely flooded with literature on the topic. Perhaps you could become a Digital Nomad too!

If you are planning your future, are working as a Digital Nomad and are keen to travel the world, then Privacy Management Group is perfect for you. Not only do we have many years of experience working with Digital Nomads, we even have several of Digital Nomads working on our team.

Over the last 30 years we have worked with people with all kinds of different circumstances. We know the answers to your questions and can offer you solutions suited specifically to you and your life as a Digital Nomad.