02.2 Life in Cyprus

Life in Cyprus

Life in Cyprus

As the third largest island in the north eastern Mediterranean (9.251 km²),Cyprus enjoys long, warm Summers lasting from mid-May to mid-October, and mild Winters from December to February, with almost unnoticeable Spring and Autumn periods.

Climate Table

The General Cost of Living in Cyprus

Overall the living costs in Cyprus come close to the European average. Whilst rent, incidental rent costs, local produce, petrol and insurance are comparably cheap, the prices of imported products are substantially higher than the European average.

Examples of the Cost of Food (as of February 2016)

Average Rent (in Euro)
Larnaca and Surrounding Area (as of March 2016)

Service Costs
(Water and Electricity – as of January 2017)

[Total: 7   Average: 4/5]