02.4 Education in Cyprus

The Education System in Cyprus

The Education System in Cyprus

In Cyprus, school is mandatory for all children until the age of 15 (the first 9 years of school). This goes for all children living in Cyprus, regardless of their Nationality or Religion. Public schools are free of charge.

Education of the Highest Quality

Through a mixture of privatisation, increasing competition between schools and the integration of expat children, Cyprus is able to promise an excellent standard of education.

In general, parents can rest assured that their children will be welcomed with open arms. Neither integrating socially, nor learning the new language have proven to be at all problematic to children of expat families.

Cyprus Impressions

Education System in Cyprus

International Schools – how expensive are Private Schools in Cyprus?

International Schools are private schools and therefore charge tuition fees. There are private schools funded by donors and private schools which are financed exclusively through the tuition fees. Depending on the school and the year level of the child, the tuition fee at a private school may be around 200.00 Euros per month.

For more information please contact us or the private schools directly. You will find the contact details at the links in the following list.

International Schools in Cyprus

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